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Born and raised in Overland Park, Patrick proudly earned his B.A. in Communication Studies at the University of Kansas. Patrick is a professional actor/singer, most recently playing Lonny on the First Broadway Tour of Rock of Ages. 
He craves classic rock music, especially Queen, the Beatles, Guns Ní Roses, Eagles, Aerosmith, Meat Loaf and Led Zeppelin - although the band list goes on forever, much like his love for Pepsi. Most people would drown if surrounded by liquid, but if Pepsi's involved, Patrick could easily drink his way out of trouble. Not a day goes by without Pepsi. Couple it with home-cooking, and you've found the way to Patrick's heart.

Whenever possible, Patrick watches, plays and talks about sports. Favorite athletic teams include the Kansas Jayhawks, KC Royals and KC Chiefs. He's a big game person. 
Whether drinking game (Beerpong is the BEST), Nintendo Wii game, board game, sports game or an awesome original game, Patrick will play. Win or lose, games are fun! Fortunately, Patrick's family, friends, and girl are stellar game-players. They are, without question, the most valuable thing in his life.
Dad, Molly, Patrick and Mom
Minneapolis 2010
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